The Four J’s envisioned a coffee and crafted it from an array of distinct beans. They focused on the bean size, it’s roast color, aroma and mouthfeel, utilizing only specialty coffee grown with sustainable harvesting practices. No detail was too small in their pursuit of the perfect cup.

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We wanted a coffee with a strong, bold foundation—and one that could hold its own. A chef’s palate is demanding when it comes to coffee that calls for a bolder, richer profile. This coffee blends an irreverent roast with sweet balance and uses the highest quality specialty coffee, which is a crucial element for our demanding roast style. We source beans from producers and farmers who care for their coffee from seeding to bean with consistency and patience.

The volcanic soils of Indonesia create a bean that allows for an intense roasting process and results in a viscous body and gorgeous oils. Balanced by the light citrus acidity of a Colombian bean, we’ve created this signature taste profile. Find an irreverent blend of toast, leather and sweet cocoa in every cup.

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Very often as a Chef you need to pull everyone into the kitchen, put a fork in their hand and listen to what they say. Some of the best dishes are inspired by the feedback and input of many. That’s what we did with our Chefs’ Roast. We wanted to create a slightly more mild blend than Chefs’ Choice. It is the perfect coffee for lighter fare, paired with fruit based desserts, or continental breakfast. Lighter, milder coffees combine to create a flavor balance founded in the citrusy, sweet beans from the Andean (central) region of Colombia. It is enhanced with other high altitude, volcanic Central American beans to result in a comforting cup – burnt orange, almond shell and cocoa after-notes. It has a balance of sweet acids, a creamy body and a clean, clear finish.

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Created by the Four J Chefs, this single origin espresso is sourced from the sweet coffees from Fazenda Ambiental Forteleza (Environmental Farm Fortress) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. More than a century old, this female-owned farm uses sustainable agriculture and organic practices in its coffee production. This talented family of coffee producers selected this harvest of ripe yellow beans and employed a natural processing method on raised beds to dry the beans.

Our distinct roast profile selection for this coffee is the unique factor that causes the rare, sweet balance. With careful preparation as a doppio espresso or creamy cappuccino we are certain you will taste the results in the cup we’ve come to enjoy. This coffee is also outstanding as a drip brew.

Altitude: 1,200 - 1,300 meters above sea level.

Variety: Yellow Catuai, Yellow Icatu

Region: Caconde, Sao Paulo State

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The world of coffee is a growing part of the global culinary scene. Coffee offers us a rare moment of supremacy as a standalone experience. There is an art in purity, whether as a sweet, ripe tomato, a juicy pear, or a perfectly roasted, robust coffee bean.

We selected single microlots from the Nyeri region in the shadow of Mt. Kenya to source our beans. The volcanic, loamy soil and high altitude, combine with a diligent farmers’ care for the seedling all the way through to picking and processing, produces an outstanding bean that is never blended with the neighbors’ coffees. Beans are roasted to the exact moment when the coffee’s distinct flavors come to life. Traditional black currant serves as the canvas for distinct flavor notes. Dry, white wine, soft apricot, lush fruit acids and thick dark chocolate all evolve in this sublime cup.

Altitude: 1,600 - 1,800 meters above sea level.

Variety: SL 28, SL 34

Region: Kirinyaga, Nyeri, Kenya

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OUR Process

We value texture, taste, context and the sensorial experience.

To create our introductory Four J Coffee line, we sampled countless cups, many late night sessions, scrutinizing coffee bean size and roast colors. We imagined a taste, then created it with a crayon box of distinct beans from around the globe. Some beans we selected for their uniqueness, others for the foundation they created for a particular citrus note to shine. We slurped relentlessly until success. We are thrilled to present our best selections for your enjoyment.